5 minute read
November 18, 2019

Proposal Preparation for a Winning New Year

Humans on Mars, e-voting, and flying cars; 2020 was certainly hailed by media and pop culture as the year technology would make our lives much easier. And some things have...
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5 minute read
November 15, 2019

What to Consider When Evaluating Proposal Management Software?

Evaluating proposal management software is not a task you should take lightly. In fact, making the wrong decision will likely have dangerous and long-lasting implications....
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7 minute read
October 15, 2019

8 Ways to Build a Better Construction Proposal

Whether you’re tracking new construction opportunities or planning your pursuit of Maryland’s $9 billion I-270 highway expansion project, you need to optimize your...
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9 minute read
September 16, 2019

Managing Stress in Proposal Management

With insights and quotes from Mairi Morrison.
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5 minute read
August 7, 2019

How to Use Fewer Tools and Save More Time

The proposal creation process can be resource intensive as you work to craft a quality proposal that meets both your compliance matrix and the deadline. Not having the...
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6 minute read
July 2, 2019

What is Proposal Management Software?

Relying on email to manage proposal creation efforts can be frustrating and ineffective. Proposal managers are often stuck hoping team members read the correct email and...
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4 minute read
June 7, 2019

Proposal Management Lessons Learned Inspired by Game of Thrones

Just as Harry Potter sorted us into Gryffindor or Slytherin, Game of Thrones divided us into House Stark or Targaryen. Each clan motto may have informed their strategy,...
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8 minute read
May 28, 2019

Even More than Content Management: Proposal Management Software

If you're in the business of submitting proposals, you know the importance of finding the best proposal management software that enables you to effectively manage the...
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