Sneak Preview: The RFP Success Show™ Interviews Privia CEO

Herndon, VA – August 7, 2019. Privia, the industry-leading capture and proposal management solution in the government contractor market, is pleased to announce the release of a podcast interview with The RFP Success™ Show, hosted by proposal veteran, Founder and CEO, Lisa Rehurek. Jay McConville, Privia President and CEO, talked about the top challenges facing today’s proposal teams and how Privia confronts those challenges by focusing on team collaboration and efficiency.

“At Privia, we believe winning capture and proposal management is all about collaboration,” said Mr. McConville, “Because the more effectively your team collaborates, the more efficiently you operate. And the more time you save to invest in the quality that evaluators crave.”

In fact, a recent survey by Strategic Proposals, the #1 approved APMP training organization, demonstrates just what organizations and their proposal evaluators think about proposal quality. This survey of buyers revealed that “over 40% of bidders should be ashamed of the quality of their proposals.” The study clearly showed that meeting the deadline with a generic response is simply not enough to win new work.

Privia’s philosophy is simple; give your proposal team a secure, centralized and easy-to-use platform to access content, expertise, experts, and partners and your team will collaborate, anytime, anywhere, for the win. Experience shows that it takes a collaborative team to define and write to strategy while you clearly and concisely demonstrate the benefits of your solution over the competition. And it takes a collaborative team to pull it all together, ensure compliance and present your bid in the best light.

Listen now for Jay’s insights around the six major components of the proposal management process and learn how Privia is creating a secure, accessible, and integrated capture, content and proposal management virtual environment for RFP success!


About Lisa Rehurek

Lisa Rehurek ‘cut her teeth’ on RFPs in the hotel industry over 25 years ago. It wasn’t until she joined a prominent global Human Capital Consulting Firm, Mercer, that she was introduced to a whole different world of RFP responses. From state, local, and corporate RFP responses, to helping develop RFPs for government clients, to evaluating health care and human capital proposals for corporate clients, Lisa has been on both sides of the aisle which provides a unique perspective. Lisa is also certified in numerous talent assessments through TTI Success Insights including Behaviors, Motivators, Acumen, and Emotional Quotient. Lisa and her team use these assessments to aid in team development and hiring.

About Jay McConville

Jay McConville is the President and CEO of Privia, a proposal management software company that serves companies bidding on commercial, federal, state or local contracts. Privia helps proposal teams collaborate securely, boost win rates and lower costs. Jay has 20-plus years of experience in the realm of business development and proposal management, having specialized in defense manufacturing before coming to Privia in 2017.

About The RFP Success Show™

The RFP Success™ Show (formally Winning The Business Radio) is a bi-weekly radio show for the “newbies” to the” know it alls” when it comes to sales, strategies, systems, and submitting RFPs . Because let’s be real- you can never know enough on how to craft a successful strategy, system, or RFP you will master your business and bank account. 7x author, Lisa Rehurek and her guests share with her audience tips, tricks, and real world advice that will give your business real results.

About Privia

Privia is the "Proposal Company" known by its 10,000+ users for providing the software and services needed by today's government contractor market to bid and win government contracts. Industry-leading organizations including IBM Watson, Huntington Ingalls Industries, CGI, Noridian Health, and Sotera Defense, use Privia to collaborate, manage and build winning proposals every day. Privia software streamlines their capture and proposal management process – from opportunity, workflow automation, and content reuse to real-time reviews, contract management and business intelligence – while expert services ensure teams are working as efficiently and effectively as possible throughout the process. At Privia, we are business developers and proposal managers, technologists and innovators. We want you to win. We're here to help you save time, reduce costs and increase proposal quality.