Best Practice: Four Pillars of Successful Proposal Management

Herndon, VA – March 29, 2021. Privia, the industry-leading capture and proposal management solution in the government contractor market, announced today it's four pillars of successful proposal management. At it's core, Privia is an enterprise content management system. What makes Privia unique are the time-saving, integrated tools built specifically for efficient and effective proposal management. 

Proposal management is the best practice process of leading a team through the written portion of the sales cycle. Throughout, there are experts to wrangle and tasks and schedules to monitor. There is content to find, write, and tailor to customer goals. There are review cycles to referee, version control to worry about, and a relentless commitment to compliance and quality required; all despite a geographically diverse team’s shifting priorities.

Crafting a winning proposal is a time-consuming business investment. Thankfully there are many best practice approaches that can make winning a reality. Whatever approach you define, success requires collaboration. Collaboration promotes a team conversation with a center, rather than from all sides, so that everyone is on the same page. It aligns capture strategy with writing execution to reduce revision cycles. It drives consensus so the team focuses on advancing proposal quality given the time available.

Here, Privia defines it's four pillars for efficient and effective proposal management through team collaboration.


Collaboration typically begins where the business development and proposal management team meet in the sales cycle; qualifying an opportunity. We like to think of this step as the Intersection: where the team shares opportunity information, asks solution and strategy questions, agrees to invest in the bid, and outlines the capture strategy. Experience demonstrates that the more collaborative this Intersection is, the more time your team will save to invest in proposal quality.


Where the rubber hits the road, however, is when the team starts writing. We like to think of this step as the Interplay: where each contributor has an effect on the other, greater than the sum of their parts. Together, their understanding of the customer, the opportunity, and the solution come to light in the written phase of the sales cycle, the proposal.


Where the team goes from here will determine how well the proposal resonates with evaluators. We like to think of this step as the Inspection; where reviewers identify compliance, solution and strategy issues, provide feedback and instruction, and address scoring goals.


Revisions are typically a crossroads for the proposal team; time is of the essence and the course of action chosen (Improvement) will significantly affect the proposal’s win probability. Experience demonstrates that the more collaborative this Improvement phase, the more productive the revisions and the higher your win probability.

Proposal management is hard work. Between the bid decision and the submission there are experts and opportunity details to wrangle. There is content to find, tailor and write to compliance. There are reviews to referee, feedback and instructions to clarify and prioritize, and revisions to improve quality.

How well you manage and empower a geographically diverse team’s collaboration, despite their shifting priorities, will determine your success. Privia makes managing large, complex, high-quality proposals faster and easier.

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