7 minute read
January 13, 2020

Proposal Management: Game-Changing New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are infamously difficult to keep, especially as busy proposal professionals. For many of us, the New Year truly began in December, with so many last...
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3 minute read
December 22, 2019

New Year Resolutions for Winning Proposal Teams

Another proposal year has come and gone. So now that the New Year is here, it’s time for resolutions, the time-honored tradition of hoping (and planning) for good things...
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3 minute read
December 21, 2019

Proposal Manager Stress? We Got You Covered on Holiday Cookies

Proposals, like baking, require balance. There are ingredients to measure, pressure and heat to apply, and patience required. Strike the right balance and your creation...
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5 minute read
December 15, 2019

Rocking Holiday Songs for Late Night Proposals

If you’re working a last minute proposal this holiday season, and who isn’t these days, you probably need a little more pep in your step than those Toasted White Chocolate...
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4 minute read
December 14, 2019

5 Last Minute Holiday Gifts for Busy Proposal Managers

If the buzz on LinkedIn is accurate, last minute, end-of-the-year RFPs are falling faster than you can say pass the candied yams, please. Yes, it’s that time of year...
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8 minute read
December 10, 2019

How to Master Proposal Management Software Change Management

It’s no secret the majority of businesses, and people, avoid change. You can’t blame them, however, since most of their experiences with change management were likely...
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