New Year Resolutions for Winning Proposal Teams

Another proposal year has come and gone. So now that the New Year is here, it’s time for resolutions, the time-honored tradition of hoping (and planning) for good things to come. In fact, resolutions date all the way back to the ancient Romans, who would vow to their god Janus (for whom the month of January is named) that they would behave better this year, promise.

But when it comes to proposals, resolutions aren’t about behaving better; they are about improving how you win business. Need a little inspiration? This year, fill your list with easy-to-implement, quick-to-realize proposal resolutions that will jump-start the New Year.

Identify What Doesn’t Work

Your proposal process was standardized for a purpose; to reduce ambiguity and confusion, save time, and help your team develop powerful and convincing proposals on a strict deadline. Over time, even the best processes can break-down, leading to inefficiencies, bottlenecks, or worse, missed deadlines. Take a step back and evaluate your capture and proposal management process. Resolve to dig in, ask questions, identify the cause of any breakdowns, and be sure you really understand the issues. With that kind of information, you can bring the team to consensus on improvements.

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Demand Details

Proposals are persuasive documents; a structured logical written argument that lies out everything in favor of your solution and convinces the customer to take a chance on your organization. No matter how smart you are, or how good of a writer you are, it’s impossible to persuade without all those details. Resolve to demand the details you need by convincing your team to make the typical capture strategy “hand-off” more of an intersection. When the intersection between capture and proposal team is collaborative, review teams (as well as evaluators) discover information in context which goes a long way toward convincing them to select your organization.

Get Organized

It takes a village to build a winning proposal; there are writers to inform, experts to consult, and reviewers to wrangle. And these days, your villagers are rarely in the same place at the same time. Resolve to organize and centralize in the New Year and avoid miscommunication and confusion. By centralizing, experts can review, discuss and come to consensus on decisions a heck of a lot faster than waiting on an email chain.

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Read More

As much as we all hate the blank page, if you’re an expert in software, technology or sales, you are facing it regularly when writing proposals. And once you think you’re done, here come the reviewer comments. Resolve to read more this year and as a result, improve your writing from the first draft. Not only does reading help improve vocabulary, it helps you recognize the nuances of language, and when you’re writing persuasive content, the right nuances are very important. Reading is also inspirational; exposing you to other styles and voices that will inspire your writing.

2020 is here, and with it a much faster, more complex business world. Resolutions, goals, or intentions – whatever you call yours, a fresh new proposal year on the horizon is the perfect time to set your mind on improving how you win business!

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