Herndon, VA - October 12, 2017 - Privia LLC, a leading proposal software and services provider that helps federal contractors automate and facilitate the bid and proposal process — is excited to announce the launch of Privia 5.12, the most up-to-date iteration of our user-endorsed proposal management software. Drawing on years of user experience, the newest software enhancements make the capture and proposal process easier and more effective than ever before — so you can continue to grow, streamline the proposal process and collaborate online from wherever you're located.

"Proposal professionals use Privia to organize their teams, build and manage their pipeline and to create and deliver more effective proposals. With 5.12, we renew our commitment to providing them a secure and robust platform that is specifically tailored to their needs."

-Jay McConville, President and CEO of Privia

5.12 enhancements include improved Salesforce integration, fortified two-factor authentication and data encryption, state-of-the-art user experience features, as well as enhanced synchronization speeds, customization and filtering capabilities.

Privia also offers a comprehensive proposal consultation program, so contractors can have access to an expert who knows how to use Privia's software to execute successful proposals. The Privia team will personally connect you with a bid professional who will leverage Privia 5.12 software to manage, support, create and deliver more effective proposals on behalf of your business — so everything you need to collaborate and win contracts is available under one roof. To learn more about what Privia 5.12 has to offer — or to inquire about our proposal consultation program — visit our website and reach out to us here.