5 Last Minute Holiday Gifts for Busy Proposal Managers

If the buzz on LinkedIn is accurate, last minute, end-of-the-year RFPs are falling faster than you can say pass the candied yams, please. Yes, it’s that time of year again, when proposal responsibilities can put you behind on important things like holiday shopping. If you’re like most busy proposal managers this year, the hunt for the perfect gift for family and friends is far from over.

Consider these clever, last minute gifts that won’t sacrifice your holiday cheer for looming proposal deadlines.

The Gift of Instant Access

Love winter, the snow falling on the trees, and snuggling up with a good book? Then you must love hot chocolate. Give the ones you love instant access to hot chocolate with these Holiday Chocolate Peppermint Dipped Spoons that go from package to cocoa in seconds.

The Gift of Connection

The holidays are the time for coming together and connecting with family and friends. Let them know you’re thinking of them throughout the year too with the Wi-Fi Friendship Lamp. Touch your friendship lamp and their lamp lights, the same color as yours!

Did you know? With Privia, teams collaborate real-time on proposal reviews; they review, comment, and come to consensus anytime, anywhere. And in the New Year that includes Smart Phones and Tablets for on-the-go reviewers!

The Gift of Memory

Another year has come and gone and a New Year is about to begin; time for resolutions. While you’re making plans for 2020, don’t let auld acquaintance be forgot with this clever bit of nostalgia, the Create Your Own Reel Viewer. Give everyone on your list a cup o’ kindness yet as you resolve to win in the New Year!

The Gift of Time

One of the best gifts you can give anytime of the year is the gift of time; more time makes us happier, less stressed, and more prepared for what’s to come. Give your team the gift of time this holiday season and help them organize how they spend their day – writing proposals. The 2020 Jane Austin Every Day Daily Calendar is filled with classic quotes, trivia, and writing inspiration.

Did you know? Privia keeps your team in sync with a centralized, real-time calendar of proposal milestones and business-critical notes curated by the proposal manager. Keeping your team on track and on deadline just got a whole lot easier.

The Gift of Efficiency

Folding and flying a paper airplane, like managing a proposal, is a carefully coordinated process. One wrong fold and your plane will be about as adept at flying as an overcooked holiday roast beast. Give your team the gift of process and success this year with this Smart Phone-Controlled Airplane. And watch the process work!

Just like finding the right gift for family and friends, the business of managing winning proposals is often time-consuming and stressful. With a few short weeks left until the New Year, now’s the time to decide: will you proposal the same way you did this year? Or will you give your team the tools they need to be successful and stress-free in 2020?


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